How to change ssh port or add ssh port
Summary: How to change ssh port or add ssh port. So you can login ssh where port 22 are not allowed.
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Adding ports

  1. make sure you have ssh service installed properly.
  2. sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config to edit the config file
  3. add new port by adding new line of "Port 2222" (in this case, 2222 is your new ssh port) 29917F88-7D25-417A-B5C0-17D497D0C221.png
  4. restart ssh service by using "sudo systemctl restart sshd.service"

Set new firewall rule

  1. Go to aliyun console.
  2. Go to firewall setting and press new rule. 进入安全-防火墙,点击添加规则 1
  3. Add a new rule for 2222. 添加自定义规则,Tcp,端口号 (本例中是2222) 你可以自行替换 2


  1. ssh username@youip -p 2222
  2. success~ 4FEAF6A4-1755-4587-8E33-87F88C3DA09B.png
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