Improving sqlalchemy inserting performance for large set of data
Summary: Introduce better way of inserting data.
 python  mysql  sqlalchemy
# using add()
for d in data:
    fingerprint0 = tbModel(id=d)

# using bulk_save_objects
dbs.bulk_save_objects([tbModel(id = d) for d in data])

# using bulk_insert_mappings
session.bulk_insert_mappings(tbModel,[{"id": d,} for d in data])

# using core
def run(self):
session.execute(tbModel.__table__.insert(),[{"id": d, } for d in data])

in these four way, the speed

core > bulk_insert_mappings > bulk_save_objects >>>>> add()

add is slower than others for almost 10 times

Just not use add when inserting large amount of data.

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